Jill D. Chasse, PhD,
MSpsy, MPA, CHt, ACE
maternal/perinatal wellness consultant
counseling, support, and education
(202) 230-4126
                   Reduce the risk of birth trauma and postpartum depression
  Relax for a safer and easier birth
                         Increase the strength of your couple relationship                
            Form a strong and healthy relationship with your baby
Encourage mental and emotional health
        Stimulate early cognitive development and learning
                   Prepare for parenthood with enthusiasm and understanding
          Give your baby
          your relationship,
           and yourself the best of parenthood!
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dedicated to the advancement of 
pre- and perinatal psychology and health and to facilitate the circulation of information in this rapidly expanding field to health workers and the public
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 we provide:

online classes for parenting, pregnancy and relationships
                                   (NOW offering CEU's!)

counseling and support services both in-person 
   and via internet
education on early parenting and helping your child's 
   development for mom, dad, and baby! 
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Experience, Understand and Enjoy the Magic of Motherhood (tm)
Mothering is the most profound relationship in humanity. Do you know how important we are to the planet, the universe, the community, the family, the soul we brought in? This is the foundational relationship for life.”  
-Janel Martin Miranda
 classes for the Childbearing Year