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* Birth trauma, fear and acceptance issues

* Teen Pregnancy and Parenting

* Infant Loss Support and Grief Counseling

* Breastfeeding Support

* Prebirth Bonding

* Relaxations and Visualizations

*Guided Meditations


*Baby Blues support
Jill Diana Chasse, PhD, MSpsy, MPA, CHt, ACE
Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting Educator
Perinatal Development Consultant
Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
Maternal/Perinatal Mental Health Counselor
* Do I need a birth plan?

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* How do I prepare for a waterbirth?  * What's a Doula?

* Is homebirth safe?       

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The goal is a happy, safe, healthy birth and baby.  But it doesn't come without questions, fears, and surprise. We offer the support and education you need to fully envelope the magical experience.

Through one-on-one counseling in person, on the phone, or online, you will be gently guided through one of the most important events of your life. 


Parenthood is one of the most in-depth processes of human nature. It's okay to have questions.
If you need someone to talk to-
If you have fears, doubts, or concerns-
If you need "Baby-Blues"support
(NOTE: Baby Blues is a light to moderate form of Post Partum Depression (PPD). A counselor or therapist can help you with Baby Blues. PPD is a serious situation that you should seek medical advice and help for)
If you need self-confidence or stress reduction meditations or relaxations-

These are reasons
to call a birth counselor.

Experience, Understand, and Enjoy the Magic of Motherhood tm

* Building a Birth Plan: A form developed by experts to create your own birth plan. ($5.00 for the form and information packet)

* Cognitive Activities for Infants: Brain stimulating activities for babies (up to 2 years). You request the age and number of activities you desire ($5.00 for each collection)

Relaxations and Meditations: Pregnancy and birth relaxation exercises to guide you through this special time. ($5.00 for the guide)

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I would like an internet counseling and/or question answer session (s)
By clicking here, I agree to the terms and conditions stated below.

Online Counseling is a new way to  consult a therapist. Many people prefer to consult with a therapist via e-mail due to busy schedules,  fear of going to a counselor and privacy concerns. People also find comfort in the writing itself.Just as with a baby journal, a personal journal will help clarify and express your thoughts.

   You may have a simple one-time question, or you may choose to use this as a way to establish a longer term counseling relationship.

Answers are always given within 1-2 days (unless notice of travel has been given to patient). Confidentiality is respected.
Post Partum Depression warning: If you feel suicidal or think you may harm yourself or your baby, this is not the counseling that would be most helpful to you.
  In this event, please contact your nearest hospital, mental health unit or seek personal one-on-one consultation with a qualified therapist or counselor in your area.
It is important that you not ignore these feelings and seek one on one help as soon as possible.
Like all other interactive and counseling services, an agreement is established between the counselor and the client.
Part of the agreement will include boundary issues. e.g.

   Time and date of sessions.
   Length of frequency/duration of relationship.
It is important for this agreement to be in place before the
onset of the relationship, to ensure the feeling of safety between both parties.
  It is important for the client to feel both comfortable and committed to these sessions.
For this it is necessary for all of the above conditions to be discussed and agreed upon.

Dr. Jill Chasse is certified by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. She is a member of La Leche League, Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Global Maternal/Child Health Association and has been practicing for over 10 years.

nternational Association of Counselors and Therapists.
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